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David W. Schnare, Esq. Ph.D. is an attorney and scientist with 33 years of federal and private sector experience consulting on and litigating local, state, federal and international environmental legislative, regulatory, risk management and free-market environmentalism issues. [PhD -University of North Carolina 1979, Juris Doctor Cum Laude-George Mason University School of Law 1999)

Formerly the nation’s Chief Regulatory Analyst for Small Business (Office of Small Business Advocacy), Dr. Schnare has experience on Congressional Staff, as a trial lawyer with the Department of Justice and the Office of the Virginia Attorney General, as senior enforcement counsel at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and as an appellate attorney for private clients. He is a member of the Bars of the United States Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeal for the Second and Fourth Circuits, and the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Dr. Schnare is an administrative law specialist and currently serves on the ABA’s Administrative Law Council and as Deputy Chairman of the Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section’s Continuing Education Committee. His practice has included a federal, state and local caseload. He maintains an active program of academic research supporting local and state legislative initiatives and has federal regulatory experience with EPA, OSHA, IRS, NMFS, NOAA, FDA, HRSA, ATSDR, CDC, FAA, Bu. Rec., BLM, MMS, FWS, and the Corps of Engineers. In addition to his position as a Senior Attorney in EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, Dr. Schnare is a Senior Fellow of the Thomas Jefferson Institute of Public Policy. He has served as a Director of the George Mason University School of Law Alumni Association Board, and serves as Director of the Occoquan Watershed Coalition and as Chairman of the Coalition’s Environment and Land Use Committee.

In addition to legal responsibilities, Dr. Schnare has managed EPA’s Office of Ground-Water and Drinking Water Economic, Legislative and Policy Analysis Branch and has made contributions on a variety of environmental policy issues, as reflected in his published works. He is the author and editor of 55 books, chapters and major articles on environmental management, policy and law, which include:

“Market-Based Solutions to Chesapeake Bay Clean-Up”, a two-part analysis of funding needs and options, prepared at the request of the Virginia Legislature, Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. (2005)

“Inevitable Growth”, American Chamber of Commerce Executives 2001 Management Symposium, March 15, 2001.

“Environmental Rationality and Judicial Review: When Benefits Justify Costs Under the Safe Drinking Water Amendments of 1996”, 5 Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy (1) 65. (1998)

“The Stewardship Ethic - Resolving the Environmental Dilemma” in Environmental Risk Decision Making, Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton. (1996)

“Evaluating Engineering to Ensure a Sustainable Environment” in Cleaner Production - Environmental and Economic Perspectives Springer-Verlang, Berlin. (1996)

"Raid on Sanity: Policy and Economic Analysis of Radionuclide Removal from Drinking Water” in Radon, Radium and Uranium in Drinking Water Lewis Pub., Chelsea, Michigan. (1990)

Chemical Contamination and Its Victims: The Scientific, Legal and Medical Challenge, (Ed. Schnare, David W. and Katzman, M.) Quorum Press, Westport, Conn. (1989)